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Cosharing & Coworking

One can visit Biliq every day of the week and still find a new vibe. That's because we designed this space with our users in mind - the space has to be functional, productive and beautiful.

Comments about our space ranges from "I have never been more productive in my career life" to "I've used coworking spaces around the world and this is the best by far". 

Meeting Rooms &

Private Event Space

People love our meeting rooms because of it's flexibility. Whether you are hosting a 4-people team meeting or a 25-people private event, our space can cater to your needs, beautifully.

If you are looking for a beautiful and functional space to host your private event, look no further than Biliq Bali. Contact us to chat further.

Private Suite

Our one and only private suite is perfect if you work in a team and prefer the privacy and convenience of a private office. 


Skype Room

We have two sound-proofed Skype rooms that are available free of charge for our coworking members. One of them comes with a LAN port to ensure stable connection for your video call.

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