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Why choose a virtual office

Virtual office can be an ideal solution for remote workers or small businesses who need a professional business address without the overhead costs associated with a physical office. It is legal to use a virtual office to start a company and to conduct a business in Indonesia, as regulated within Perda DKI Jakarta No. 1 Tahun 2014 regarding zonation. This is further regulated by PTSP DKI Jakarta No. 6 Tahun 2016 (read here). Scroll down to learn more about Biliq VO.


Virtual Office (VO)

Biliq started offering virtual office service in 2019. As one of the first virtual office providers in Bali, our team has experiences working with businesses, government departments and agencies to provide accurate solution for you.

Get a professional Indonesian address for your business today within hours. We trust in a speedy and fuss free process.

Why book a virtual office with us?

We have the required permits to operate an office legally. This is crucial for your business as not all coworking spaces in Bali have the right permits to rent out a VO.

Commercial District

Mailing Services

Your VO package comes with a mailing address and a phone number. You will be alerted of incoming mails and you can arrange for self collection or mail delivery.

Legal Documents

Get access to our IMB, Polygon File or Rental Agreement when you book with us. These documents are pre-requisites if you are setting up a company in Indonesia.


Money Back Guarantee

Yes you read it right. In the event that our documents and domicile address cannot be used to set up your business entity in Indonesia, we will refund 100% of the virtual office fee.

Trusted By Many

With hundreds of companies (locally and foreign-owned) registered at our space since 2018, our team has the experience working with business owners and legal consultants to help them set up a company in Indonesia. Our clients come from various fields and industries, including:








Peace of Mind

We understand that choosing a business domicile address is a tricky process. 
That is why we are the only virtual office provider in Bali that offers money back guarantee so you can take a load off and focus on growing your business.
We will provide 100% refund if our documents and domicile address do not meet the requirements for your company set up process. This way you can confidently choose Biliq as your virtual office of choice, risk free! 

What our Clients Say

"Hansen is responsive, helpful and agile to ensure whatever questions or concerns you have are addressed. I have been using the VO services now for  five months and I am very happy with it. Highly recommend it!"

Ata Haftchenary


Haftchenary Investment Group

"If you are a startup founder preparing a business in Indonesia, then Biliq is the most affordable and convenient choice for virtual office. Biliq's affordable plan and lightning-quick response best suits the lean startups like us, compared to dozens of other virtual office services."

Kay Yi

Cofounder & CEO


"Been using Biliq Sunset as a virtual office for a little over a year now. The initial process setting it up in the beginning was seamless and hassle free, and Hansen is very patient and helpful! Everything since then has been a breeze."

Alice Yu

Marketing Solutions

Virtual Office for  Company Set Up

Do you face these challenges when choosing an office to set up your company?

  • Long term and pricey contract for an office building that will rarely be used.

  • In need of an virtual office provider that has been around for some time and will last as long as your company does.

  • Need an office space operator that can handle your mails professionally and safely keep them.

  • Already have an office space but does not have the necessary building permit to set up a company.

  • Already have an office space but not located within the correct zone (it is a legal requirement for a company domicile to be located in the designated zone/ zonasi perkantoran).

If you said YES to any of the above, contact us - we are here to help. ☺︎


Located at Sunset Road - one of the most prime address in Bali which connects the airport to the  Balinese west coast, our virtual office ensures your business has a prestigious address while still meet the requirement of being located in zonasi perkantoran (office zone).

Office Address:
Biliq Sunset Office Space
Sunset Road 819
Bali Ruko Sunset Indah No. 10
Br. Abianbase, Kel. Kuta, Kab. Badung, Bali, Indonesia


Virtual Office


IDR 6.500.000



Special Promotion

Get 30% off second year when you sign for two years!

only IDR 11.050.000


A saving of IDR 2 million!

Fact: 70% of our clients renew for the second year. Your company will need a business domicile next year anyway, so why not take the chance and enjoy this special offer today! 

*All building documents that you need for company set up are included in our rate and there are no hidden fees. Beware of cheap VOs which require you to pay extra to access certain documents when you need them in future.

Legal Services





I found a cheaper VO alternative. Should I just pick the cheapest option?

We believe our rate reflects a good balance between value and longevity to operate over a long period of time. A business domicile address will be tied permanently to your company. This means if your VO provider stops operating in future, you'll need to spend a lot of resources to get all your company documents changed to a new address.

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