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3 Important Things to Overcome Burnout When Work From Home

Thank the current situation we have lately that everything switches online connection. Not to mention, the way we work. There are no other options for companies to have work from home or hybrid instead of working from the office. As an impact, being forced to go into the office every day is now a dealbreaker. We tested freedom because work from home brings us freedom from commutes, freedom from mandates “face time” at office hours, and frequent business trips. We can work and get our jobs done more efficiently working remotely than we ever imagined possible, for instance. Then, it creates a trend of working from home, building a virtual office, renting a coworking space, move to coliving for the sake of having our own office space outside the office building.

Surprisingly, juggling with workloads and household is not a great idea. A new study from Dr. Gleb Tsipursky published that burnout when working from home is real and more complex than we think. The common symptoms could be a decrease in productivity and efficiency when it starts to work, trouble focusing on work and constant forgetfulness, physical symptoms like headaches, heart palpitations and indigestion, feeling irritable and short-tempered, experiencing constant anxiety and depression, and change in sleep routine. For example, sleeping more than usual or suffering from insomnia.

burnout when working from home

Cope With Burnout

If you are feeling most of those symptoms, it is better for you to take a deep breath and get the best burnout prevention or treatment so ​​you can improve your performance at work and become more productive when working from home.

1. Get Your Quality Bedtime

Most people don’t realize that getting enough sleep can help you have an excellent day and feel more productive. Cutting back on sleep and rest just to work overtime is never a good choice and can lead to work-from-home burnout. Getting high-quality sleep enough is crucial for preventing or curing your fatigue. If you have lack sleep, you will find it challenging to focus on your work and deliver accurate results. Try on practicing sleep-hygiene step by step, and get new you.

2. Stay More Active, Physically

workout when work from home

Working out is the practice of self-care. Additionally, daily ​​exercise is critically important, as is making sure you’re sleeping well and practicing mindfulness. When you make time for exercise, not only do you feel better mentally and physically but also get more done during the day. You can feel more active and release the stress you might be feeling due to work. This is because exercise releases endorphins and helps you work with a clear head. Get your running shoes on and have fun!

3. Submit Your Annual Leave

You definitely need a break. Experiencing work from home burnout can not be underestimated. It is important for you to take annual leave. You can go on vacation or simply take some days off in the week when your family and friends need help around the house. Having downtime will revitalize you for work afterward. Make a plan to rent a villa in Bali via Airbnb alone or with your loved one? You deserve it. It is not suitable for your health to think that you don’t deserve time off or you can’t take it. Send a request to your direct lead today.

Say, It’s Enough

Burnout doesn’t just happen when we’re overwhelmed — it can also sneak up on us when we feel like we’re not doing enough. And, working from home can be a significant benefit, but it is crucial for you to work smart and not risk burnout. Use these tips to prevent or cure your work from home burnout so that you have more time to enjoy the perks of having a remote job.

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