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The Difference Between Virtual Office & Office Space You Should Know

While teleportation is the most needed superpower, we bet that telecommuting is the most wanted status nowadays. That is the ability of an employee to complete work assignments from outside the traditional workplace or office space by using telecommunications tools such ad email, phone, instant messaging, and video apps.

The benefits that are earned by employees are not only their satisfaction, but also better work-life balance, increased flexibility, and time-saving.

In the same vein, companies with work-from-anywhere policies are able to boost employee productivity, reduce turnover, and reduce operational costs and employee expenses,

according to recent research at Harvard Business School.

This brings most startups and small businesses turned on to the virtual offices to minimize the ongoing business expenses not directly attributed to creating a product or service. A virtual office operates as one unit to serve customers but does not exist in a fixed location.

virtual office bali

Besides the physical building, what’s the difference between a virtual office and office space? And which will it benefit you the most?

#1 Facilities

Office space usually makes compromises in providing office facilities based on the company’s budget and needs. Let’s say the internet provider quality and speed, working space is only on the desk while in the virtual office you can find napping space, conference call room, and spacious outdoor space to relax.

#2 Staff

Aside from the cost of a virtual office being far less than that traditional office, it has none of the upkeep costs, nor does it need to be staffed. A receptionist and housekeepers have been provided to support your company's activities. Conversely, you need to recruit them when you are in a traditional office.

#3 Time Management

Most virtual office has no restriction to access the space at night or on weekends as they understand the needs of the digital nomad style - flexibility of time and place. While the office space will be closed unless you will have the unexpected budget to hire more staff in night shift & electricity bills.

Need A Safe Place?

virtual office biliq bali

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