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Keeping our Community Safe, Healthy and Employed

Since the pandemic started in early 2020 and when all flights to Bali were grounded, we at Biliq made a conscious decision to keep our doors open to our members and employees, as a commitment that this situation will have as little impact as possible to their work and livelihood. 

Below are some additional steps we have taken to ensure our workspace and living space remains clean and safe:

  • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant readily available at all Biliq locations.

  • Frequent wiping and cleaning of surface area. Professionally sanitize all workspace and private offices on weekly basis.

  • Temporary cancellation of group meetings, events and workshops.

  • Shortening our opening hours to comply with local authority.

We will continue to do our part and comply with recommended safety protocols to ensure all our staff and members feel safe and clean when using our space. Good vibes start with good hygiene, don't you agree? :)

Additional measures we take to keep our space COVID-safe

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