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Once you become a Monthly Unlimited member at Biliq, you are eligible to apply for our Membership Card. This card allows you to enjoy many benefits at our partners at no extra cost. Yet another reason to be a part of our community!

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Sensorium is all about celebrating Human 5 senses. At Sensorium, we focus on full and complete experience, creating good and happy memories through our hospitality n foods and sharing some stories behind every dishes that I created. So welcome to Sensorium. 


Get one free dessert with an order of one main course

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Canggu Nest


Canggu Nest is the trendiest functional training gym in Bali, decked out with the best equipment set in a modern boutique boho environment. Our variety of Functional small group classes allow us to share our blend of passion for fitness and desire to have fun in everything we do. Our promise is to deliver you a unique, fun and truly memorable health and fitness experience!

Member's Benefit

20% off all membership options


Bali Praia


Bali Praia is the first music hub of its kind consolidating a RECORDING STUDIO, MUSIC SCHOOL, RECORD LABEL, LOUNGE and CAFE and located in the heart of Bali on Sunset Road. We aim to provide Bali and the community a one stop shop for creatives, artists, musicians and DJs to have a space to produce, learn and grow as individuals.

Member's Benefit

10% discount for private lounge experience equipped with DJ booth and bar. Please contact us for more details.

Bali Praia Cafe


Bali Praia Cafe is open six days a week Monday - Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Powered by Whale and Co, we have a newly revamped menu starring favorites like our Warm Quinoa Bowls, Big Poppa breakfast, Burgers, traditional Indonesian treats like Nasi Goreng Sambal Matah and our special Affogato Pancake Dessert all guaranteed to soothe your soul. We are big on from the community for the community and serve yummy East meets West dishes sourced from local ingredients and produce. Bali Praia Cafe transpires a World Culture food experience with that ever special local Bali touch.

Member's Benefit

10% off at Bali Praia Cafe

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TOKOMONO is a speakeasy cafe & lifestyle venue. Have fun at the PLAYBOX to practice Yoga, Muay Thai, Circuit classes or simply enjoy your coffee, dessert, home-cooked rice-bowl, noodle and fried rice. Meet new friends and read books & game boards available at the cafe, it also has a curated corner with designer home living goods and ready to wear collection.

Member's Benefit

Free coffee or tea with purchase of every main course

Tirta Ayu Female Spa


We offer a sophisticated and unique experience of relaxation, resulting in comfort in your body and mind. Our treatments range from our signature Vaginal/ reproduction organ health care treatment (V-spa), hair treatments, body relaxation rituals, hand & feet treatments and herbal baths. With uncompromising herbal products, combined with warm and friendly service, your session will be heavenly unforgettable.

Member's Benefit

● IDR 75K voucher for first user with minimum treatment of IDR 250K

● 10% discount for repeat visit with minimum treatment of IDR 150K

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Balibola is a flexitarian café meaning we serve mostly plant based meatless plates. We are all about making the gradual transition into vegetarian foods & making the world a better place. Combined, we created a place that is healthy and at the same time, a place where everyone can eat without restrictions. 

Our dishes are inspired by staple meals all around the world & are carefully crafted to taste as authentic as can be – just meatless. Our have developed our own faux meats which are incorporated in some of our dishes to entice & entertain our taste-buds. Think faux chicken nuggets, faux bacon & faux beef. You will see beautifully plated dishes that are Instagram worthy with zero compromise of taste.

Member's Benefit

15% off all menu

Become a Partner

Gain access to our community



At FOLIE, we are madly in love with good food and the pleasure of eating, after all in French,
the word ‘folie’ means love to the brink of madness. The Canggu eatery’s philosophy is
constantly and passionately delivering excellent food and service.

FOLIE is owned by French Chef, Stephane Simond, whose fascination with fiery Asian flavors
has created a love child between two grand food cultures, neither East nor West, but an
elegant fusion that comfortably sits in between.


Member's Benefit

10% off all menu

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